My Daily Dose of Autism

Last night was exhausting. Carter woke up around 3 a.m. whining. I thought something was wrong so I went to go lay down with him. I didn’t get back to sleep in my own bed until 7. This boy started playing around, laughing and giggling, and wanted me to rub his back. Of course when I tried to leave he whined and got upset, so I stayed because I didn’t want him to wake anyone else up.  I decided that maybe if I pretended to sleep then maybe he would finally sleep too. He was quiet at one point so I turned around to check on him, happy that he had fallen asleep. No such luck. When I turned around,  he giggled and buried his face in his pillow. He just wanted to play. All I could do was laugh. And yawn.

I didn’t get out of bed until about noon today. What a waste of a morning. Carter got up around 12:30. And he still wanted to lay around and be lazy.

Not too long after I got Carter up and moving around, I made him test out his new pool. He hesitated, but he didn’t fight. And of course, he ended up enjoying it.  With swimming pools, it’s usually a fight to get him in and a fight to get him out. I’m not sure why he still fights to get in a pool. He should know by now that he loves swimming and that he’s going to have a good time.



Enjoying his new pool.