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My Daily Dose of Autism

Gluten free test kitchen kicked my butt yesterday. As soon as I got home from work I kept working.

Yesterday I made:

Another gluten free pizza (different from the last one I did)

Watermelon-lime freezie pops, which I make often, but this time I added a special ingredient: spinach!! I gotta get that kid to eat vegetables somehow.

Apple juice….because Carter will only “eat” an apple to suck out all the juice. Then he takes the chewed up leftovers and just tosses them wherever. I found this out because I’ve been stepping on apple pulp everywhere!

The pizza took me a while because it made a lot of single servings. And the dough was very sticky.




I had to keep adding flour in order to work with the dough. In the end……




Way better than the last (which Carter actually ate).

Vanessa liked it



She’s a goofball.

But guess who spit it out? That’s right….Carter did! So what gives? This pizza was delicious. I figured that I may have gone a little overboard with the sauce and maybe even the cheese. He kept pulling the cheese off. So I’m going to work with this again and use dairy cheese since for now I’m just going gluten free. Oh, and less sauce too.

So this one is still in the works.

Onto the next.

Watermelon pops! Carter L-O-V-E-S watermelon pops. So this time I decided to add a hanful of spinach and a few other power greens (organic, of course) to the juicer and then I added that juice to the watermelon mix. I was worried that he would definitely notice. The kid has some kind of radar that detects healthy and gluten free food. Every time I show him something that has “gluten free” on it, he turns his nose up at it.

Well, as for the freezie pops with green juice…..


He ate them! Yessssss! I’m going to work on different fruit and veggie combinations. Maybe add some chia seeds and protein powder for extra nutrition.

The apple juice I made was done by just juicing some organic gala apples and then adding some water. He seemed to like it a little.  He has to get used to it.

Since he didn’t eat the pizza I made, he did end up eating gluten free nuggets (not my homemade version). He ate the very expensive premade kind that only has enough nuggets for two servings.


I have to try to make these myself.

Back to the gluten free test kitchen.

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