My Daily Dose of Autism

Yesterday was NOT a good day for us. Carter’s behavior definitely drained my energy and good mood. The weekend started out great.

On Sunday it all went downhill at lightning speed when we decided we would take a trip to the mall. I know….it seems like a crazy idea. But I chose a mall that included Legoland and Sealife Aquarium. I thought for sure this trip would be a success. Shopping for the girls and activities for the boys. Of course, that brillant plan went in the opposite direction. Carter wouldn’t cooperate and we ended up losing one of his crocs. I found it after retracing our steps (which took forever). That was a close one.

The gluten free food I made on Saturday didn’t really have much appeal. I worked on the pizza recipe and used dairy cheese this time.


It was good. But Carter didn’t want to eat the crust. He actually ate the top part and tossed the crust


I mean, really? Was that big mess necessary?

I don’t know what to do with the pizza recipe.  I can’t seem to find a real winner.

My next attempt was chocolate cake. It smelled really good. Smells can be deceiving.  It tasted okay. There was a slight after taste. I’m not sure if it was good or bad. It was just….different.


Carter didn’t mind. He actually ate a piece.


And enjoyed it



He can be so unpredictable.  When I think he’s going to like something, chances are that he won’t like it too much. And of course when I think he won’t like something, he will most likely really enjoy it.

Sigh….what’s a mom to do? Keep working on it, I guess.

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