My Daily Dose of Autism

Yesterday I achieved gluten free success! I made some waffles for Carter and he actually ate them.  He happily ate them and wanted more.


I made a big batch for the rest of the week. All we gotta do is freeze them and pop them in the toaster when ready. Yesss!

I decided to make a batch if his cookies too. This time I switched up and used unsalted butter instead of coconut spread (I didn’t have enough coconut spread). They came out even better of course. I froze the rest of the cookie dough for later. 


Last, but not least…..

I made a gluten free dinner of Cajun chicken and rice, which everyone really liked…..Carter doesn’t eat chicken like that, but everyone else ate it.  It was really good, gluten free, and healthy! Triple score. Not expensive either….Bonus! It may have cost about $10 to make and fed about 6 people.




Time to incorporate more healthy foods in our diets. As long as it’s as tasty as last night’s dinner, I don’t think I’ll have any complaints.

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