Autism, Motherhood

My Daily Dose of Autism

Considering Carter has an ongoing love affair with his black Crocs, I decided it would be a great idea for me to buy him a back-up pair.  Especially since we’ve already had a few cases of the missing croc…..scary, I know (insert scary movie music here).  i don’t know what brought on this infatuation with these particular shoes, in this particular color, but it wasn’t that long ago that Carter was wearing other shoes.  I think it all started with his dislike for being “preppy”.  The minute I covered him with khaki shorts, a while polo and plaid slip on shoes, he kind of threw a fit.  I still continued to dress him though, not really thinking that his irritability was directed toward the clothing.  I just assumed he was being Carter. Difficult.  Well, I soon found out that his disdain for certain clothing was real.  The next thing I knew, he didn’t want to wear his tennis shoes to school.  Only Crocs.  Then he didn’t even want to wear his blue Crocs.  Only the black ones.  Then, he only wanted to wear a particular style of black Crocs.

By this time, I was pulling my hair out.  What about that adorable outfit I just bought? It doesn’t go with black crocs! Q quickly informed me that Carter didn’t want to be “adorable” and that he didn’t wear “outfits”.  He’s a boy! Boys don’t wear outfits! They just get dressed.  Shirt and shorts. Bam. That’s it.  Oh, and the black Crocs if you’re Carter.

These black crocs are the reason I nearly had a panic attack when I had to play detective and solve the case of the missing croc…….. Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

This has happened more than once.  The first time, Q called me from the local fair to inform me that he couldn’t find one of Carter’s crocs.  That it must have fallen off somewhere.  And yes, it’s that serious that it warrants a phone call. We have to discuss possible location of the shoe, put into place our strategic planning and decide on a back up plan.

Our biggest concern:

What shoes will Carter wear to school the next day?

He has crocs, but they are blue.  He won’t wear those.  We could force them on his feet as he screams and kicks them off, but for our sanity, we just had to get him a new pair.  Q went right to Academy to get a brand new pair of crocs.  The problem?  Carter didn’t want to wear them.  They weren’t exactly the same as his other crocs.  Talk about picky!  After a little persuasion, Q finally got Carter to accept the new shoes. Whew.

We had another scare with these damn shoes a few weeks ago.  We had dinner at a restaurant inside of an over sized mall.  As we walked for about a gazillion miles, I noticed Carter was missing a croc.  Of course I couldn’t notice this as soon as it happened.  I panicked.

“Where’s Carter’s shoe? He’s missing a shoe!” I immediately started retracing our steps.  Quickly.  Vanessa & I were weaving in and out of crowds of people searching for this shoe.  I’ll remind you all that we just finished eating so my stomach started cramping after I started racing for this shoe.  I finally made it back to the restaurant without any luck.  It had to be in there.  And what do you know?  It was right under the chair Carter sat in.  I was so relieved.  My stomach and feet hurt, but I wasn’t in a panic anymore.

I know…. it’s dramatic.  And if you think so then you just don’t understand.

So, a few days ago I decided that Carter needed a back up pair of black crocs just in case a shoe went missing again.  I was going to be ready.  Prepared.  Armed with a replacement pair of Crocs.  I took Carter to the shoe store to try on a new pair of crocs and he wouldn’t even try them on.  We left empty handed because he just wouldn’t cooperate.  I don’t know how long this obsession will last, but I really hope he gets over this love for his crocs.

It’s probably unlikely, but hey, I can hope.


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