Autism, Motherhood

My Daily Dose of Autism

It’s been a pretty good week. My new (and hopefully long lasting) attitude and outlook has really helped when it comes to dealing with Carter.  When he has a fit or doesn’t cooperate I let him solve his issue and come back a bit later or if I’m pressed for time I just remain calm and handle the situation with kid gloves…..with autism kid gloves. I don’t yell or get angry or frustrated. That negative energy never did any good for anyone. So far, being more positive and calm has definitely worked wonders. I just feel better. Now, that’s not to say that I’ll never have a setback or my own temper tantrum, but for now, we are all doing great.

A big concern for us right now is trying to complete Carter’s potty training. He doesn’t let us know when he has to go. We have to ask or just put him on the toilet. If we ask and he doesn’t want or doesn’t need to go then he usually fusses at us. I wish he would just say no or shake his head no. But that would just be too easy.  The one thing Carter will not do even if he needs to is #2 on the toilet. I’ve tried keeping track of when he goes and tried putting him on the toilet around that time but he just fusses and holds it in. So eventually he just goes. On himself. I’m not really sure how to get him to go on the toilet. He’s done it before…when he started potty training again (after a billion tries), but he won’t anymore. School will be starting soon so I really wanted to at least have him potty trained.

What else is there to do?
What are my options?

___Wait it out? Who knows how long that could take?

___Bribe him? I’m not sure he really gets the concept of bribing. Either that or he just doesn’t care.

__Threaten him? Same as above…..doesn’t get the conept or just doesn’t care.

__Show him pictures? Eh….this is already gross enough, but I might get that desperate.

__Strap him to the toilet until he goes? That might cause more problems.

Well, I’m not really sure what I’ll do next.  This potty training business hasn’t been a breeze. Nothing like potty training Vanessa who maybe took a couple of days. Carter is going on a couple of years….on and off.

I’m crossing my fingers and my toes hoping for a good outcome. And fast!


No pictures in the bathroom, mom!!

Well, enough potty research, time to go watch Ratatouille with the little turd!

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