My Daily Dose of Autism

Excitement all around!! We never thought we could be so excited about poop in the potty.  But, here we are…..excited about it.  Carter actually pooped in the toilet. I’ll wait for the applause.

Thank you, thank you.

Everyday we have to change Carter because he doesn’t do #2 on the toilet.  He doesn’t actually let us know when he needs to go but he’ll go when we take him.  Except that dang #2. He flips out for those.  He would rather just poop his pants. 

So, imagine Q’s excitement when he got Carter to poop in the potty.  I mean, he was really excited. I believe he said it made his day.  Wow.  Q said he noticed Carter in his concentration mode and ran him to the bathroom. That’s where the begging and pleading began. Q begged Carter to just do his business right there. He was talking to him and was just hoping he understood.  And it happened.  Carter pooped in the potty! Woo-hoo!!

Today was a repeat.  Q took Carter to the potty before bath time and told Carter to poop on the potty. And guess what folks? He did it without a fuss!

Hopefully this continues and we don’t have to keep changing his yucky underwear everyday.  We still have to work on him letting is know when he has to go and getting him to go on his own.

It might be tough and take a while, but I’m feeling optimistic!

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