Breaking News!

We have some exciting news to share!

Carter is FINALLY wearing shoes other than Crocs! It seems like Carter has been wearing those Crocs forever. It has always been a major battle getting him to wear any other shoes. Even any other Crocs. The times we lost a croc or had to go up a size created crazy panic! My anxiety about Carter’s anxiety wearing different Crocs went through the roof. It was insane. The times we tried to force other shoes on him to make him get over his preference didn’t go very well……




…….As you can see in the pictures above.  Total meltdown. That was when we tried to make him wear tennis shoes. Which he kept kicking off.

When I even showed him a different pair of shoes he would whine before going in to his meltdown mode.

And look at him now!!!



He loves these shoes!! When we tell him to put his shoes on he goes straight to these. No fuss. No problems!

Cheers to small victories (well a big victory that might seem small to others). Cheers to the little things that are actually big things. Cheers to the hurdles we get over. One. At. A. Time.

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