Diving into Writing

It feels good to be back to writing.  It’s definitely not easy to find the time to do it, though. I find a little time throughout the day to jot some things down and then at night as soon as I settle in with the laptop……. BAM.  Something or someone stops me.  The baby wakes up, Carter wakes up, or I’m just too tired and choose sleep instead.  These days it’s all about choosing one thing over the other.  Tonight it’s between lesson planning and writing.  I should probably lesson plan and get that over with, but I would much rather write.  It keeps my momentum going.  I have so many ideas swimming around in my head right now and I just have to get it down.  There’s so much writing, rewriting, adding and deleting.  It’s a long, busy process.  It’s tedious.  It’s hard work.  And who knows what will become of this book.  It may not even make it very far.  Maybe it will.  Who knows.

This momma is getting sleepy so time to get back to more writing!

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