The Confirmation

Before I start getting into this story let me just go ahead and say that I’m just not that into weddings.  Well, let me rephrase.

I am into weddings.

wedding stick people for ss

Yay for happiness!

Just not the one I have to plan.   When it comes to my own wedding that I actually have to do work for, then I’m out. I’m more into other people’s weddings. I don’t mind going.  I don’t mind eating.  I don’t mind drinking.  I don’t mind having a good time.

However, when it comes to my wedding, all of the above will not happen.  I’ve seen how much work goes into weddings.  I’ve seen the stress.  I’ve seen the ugly.  I’ve seen the crazy.  When you’re planning a wedding it seems like nothing goes according to plan.  It seems like nothing ever gets done. It feels like your to do list keeps growing.  It seems like you’re forgetting something.  It feels like so much work!  And not that I am bothered by doing work.  It’s just that I’m not really into this particular type of work.

Considering I was never really into planning my own wedding, I quickly discovered that I have a major lack of knowledge about all the things that need to get done.  And so the madness begins……….




th-11.jpegAh, yes.  This is more like it.

The “wedding talk” starts.  When are you getting your flowers? Flowers? How many flowers? Who needs flowers? What kind of flowers? What colors should I do? Colors.  What is my color scheme for this wedding?  Should I do monochrome? Should I add bright colors? Pastel colors? Do I need some sort of theme? Rustic theme? Classic theme?  Chic theme? What does Pinterest suggest!? Pinterest says there’s tons of DIY ideas! DIY favors.  Crap, I need favors. What kind of favors? What would people like? This is my wedding, how about what would I like? Oh, that’s right, this wedding (where I’m going to be the bride) is not about me.  So what do people want? I’ll never satisfy everyone.  Ok, who cares.  Now I’m stressed.  What can I do to relax myself? Music.  Wait, music.  I need music for this wedding, right? A DJ? Karaoke? A live band? There’s going to be dancing.  Wait, what will I be dancing in? Hello!! I need a dress! Probably one of the most important things to a bride.  Ok, so I need a dress and I now have about 5 months to find one.  I figured I’d just buy one off the rack, but I guess it’s not that simple.  Each weekend that comes I say the same thing,

“I’ll go dress shopping next weekend”

The next weekend comes and goes and still no dress shopping.  Go figure.  Procrastination at its finest.  I swear I’ll procrastinate until the weekend before this wedding and end up going buy a white dress from Forever21.  That would be interesting.

So, I finally decided that the only way I’ll go dress shopping is if I start making appointments.  Taking some advice from a friend I set up an appointment at a bridal shop on their website.  I thought that it would be more fun if my cousin/matron of honor came with me and we went for drinks before the dress shopping.  Drinks before Dresses! Sounds fabulous.  And an even better incentive—no kids! We would go hang out and have some margaritas and perhaps a light lunch and then head on over to the bridal shop for an hour and a half of excitement.

I tried to pump myself up for the big day.  However, when that day came, I wanted to cancel.  I was tired.  I was sick.  I had so much other stuff to do.  I just wasn’t in to it. But, I had an appointment.  I couldn’t cancel, right?  So, off I went.  Finally settling in with my tiny margarita, my cousin and I were having a great time.  She looked up the address to the bridal shop so we could see how far we were and she said,

“Jamie, this says they’re closed on Sunday.”

“No, girl.  I have an appointment.  They sent me a confirmation,” I answer back ready to pull up my email.

“Well, maybe it’s closed to the public and they only do private appointments on Sunday,” she said.  I check my email and go over the confirmation.  I see that it has the correct date and time.

“See,” I tell her as I start to show her my proof until I spot something weird.  She looks at my email. “Hmmmmm, there’s a different area code.  Wait, this is in Wisconsin! This must be for their store in Wisconsin.”

Oh. My. God.

I made a whole dress shopping appointment for a bridal shop in Wisconsin.  th-13.jpeg

“Well, I don’t think we’ll make it to Wisconsin from New Orleans in the next 30 minutes,” I said as we started cracking up laughing.  The jokes went on.

So I got out of dress shopping.  Again.  Maybe my subconscious made the appointment in Wisconsin to get me out of dress shopping for one more weekend. th-13.jpeg

Guess I’ll make an appointment for next weekend.  We’ll see how that goes.