Up past 9!

Today is the day we are finally doing what we always say we need to do:

stay home!

The weather has been pretty nice lately and that means we tend to look for things to do.  Anything to get out of the house.  We take the kids out and about nearly all day and when we come home we are exhausted.  The house would be a mess, the kids would need to be bathed, and we would need to figure out dinner.  We would be so tired from running around all day, especially with the kids, we would be in bed by 9.  That’s right.  On a Saturday night we would be so happy to be in bed with Netflix.  And of course at least one kid right next to us.  We would spend about 10 minutes finding something to watch and about 3 minutes in (if even that long) we would be out.  Good Night.

Today, we went out for breakfast, then took care of the things we needed from the store.  We were thinking about what we wanted to do for thereat of they and came up with a brilliant idea.  We were going to stay home.  There’s always something to do around the house and it never gets done.  We’re either too busy, too tired, or too occupied with other things.  Priorities and all.  After the store we played out in the backyard with the kids.  They had the best time with the bubbles we bought.  It’s the simple things.  After enjoying the nice weather, we came in for some lunch.  Quang and I worked together to clean the kitchen, feed the kids, and work on attaching some cabinet locks.  Good thing we stayed home because those cabinet locks are definitely a necessity right now with Taylor running around this house.  That girl is in everything!

The rest of the day was uneventful.  Which was exactly what we needed.  We did leave the house for a little bit for dinner.  The kids were getting a little stir crazy.

But guess what? It’s 12:54 and we’re still up.  Enjoying a movie.  We are rebels today.  We haven’t done this in a while.  But I’m thinking we’ll start doing it more often.