Carter’s Oh, Sh*t Moment

Ok, so I’m not really one to condone the cussing of children, but being that Carter is new to verbal language, I couldn’t help but to be somewhat proud of his recent discovery of his voice.

Lately Carter has been much more verbal. He is finally finding his voice and is genuinely attempting to say almost anything you ask him to.  We’ve never had to worry about watching what we say around Carter because he was never a repeater.  So if we said a bad word or something inappropriate, we knew Carter would never tell.  Until now.

The other night during dinner at the in laws, Carter knocked over a cup of water. It spilled all over the table and Quang said, “Oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t” as he tried to quickly wipe up the mess. Then, out of nowhere, Carter repeats the same thing….

“Ohhh, shiiiit, ohhhh, shiiiit” he whispered. That’s the way he talks right now-in a whisper.  We stopped in our tracks thinking we were hearing something different. 🙊 When we realized what he was saying, we cracked up laughing. Laughed so much we cried. 😂 I’m not sure if the tears I had were from laughing so hard or if they were from hearing Carter’s voice and just being happy and overwhelmed. Even the word he was saying was ok with me for this moment.  I just love hearing his voice.  Now, of course that doesn’t mean I am going to teach him to say the word and laugh when he says it, but under these circumstances, I just couldn’t help myself.

We’ve missed out on hearing Carter’s “baby talk”.  We didn’t get to hear any funny things that he could have said like most parents get from their toddlers. We’ve missed out on him asking random questions, telling funny stories, asking for things he may want and even hearing him say “I love you”. Listening to Taylor babble and say things in that cute baby voice is a reminder that we missed all of that with Carter.  So, of course, anything with Carter’s verbal progress is a big deal.  A celebration. Something to be thankful for.  I do always wish that I could have heard Carter’s baby talk.  That cute little voice.  What would he say?  What crazy things would he come up with? What would he repeat to others that we have said? We’ll never know.  And that’s something that I’ll always long for.

Now, with Carter finally finding his voice and putting it to use, it’s time to watch what we say around him.  But I don’t mind.  I’m ready to hear my baby’s voice. It’s been a long wait.

Cleaning up after Carter’s “oh, sh*t” moment. :💩