The Gaming Blues

So, lately Quang has been really into playing Plants vs. Zombies on the PlayStation 4.  He dedicates time out of his busy schedule each night to play his game.  This of course means that he hogs the TV.  Not that we don’t have other TVs to watch, but when it’s time to lay in bed and get comfortable, all I wanna do is watch some trashy reality or Everybody Loves Raymond.  But, nooooooooo.  I have to watch this grown man play Plants vs. Zombies for about an hour.  The longest. hour. ever.  The question is…. how do I get him to stop hogging the TV and let me hog it instead?


Well, someone just so happened to solve this little dilemma for me.  Our sweet little angel, Taylor was home with her daddy while I was at the gym.  He was about to give the kids their baths so he began to run the bath water.  All seems well in the Nguyen household.

As I’m getting ready for my next class I get a text message that started with….. OMFG…

This immediately had me worried that something incredibly bad had happened. Well, something bad did happen.  As Quang was running the water, Taylor just so happened to sneak up next to him and……..She tossed his controller right into the tub full of water.


That’s what Quang said he heard.  The plop of the controller and the splash of the water. He text to me read as follows:

OMFG. This girl just threw my only good ps4 remote in the tub.  Man this girl is killing me.

—(to which I immediately laughed at)

He had two controllers and baby girl already destroyed one of them with her drool.  The second (and last) one also met its doom by water logging.  2 down, 0 to go.  So the controller sits in a bowl of rice like a cell phone.  We’ll see if that works.

Poor Quang.  What’s a guy to do if he can’t play Plants vs. Zombies?  Finally! A break from gaming! I can watch TV now.  Yessssss.

Well, this would have all been great, but what do I do? Feel bad, of course.  And I decided to stop and buy him a new controller after I left the gym.  Surprise, Surprise.  I brought home Popeyes and a new game controller.  I’m pretty much the best wife ever.  Until Plants vs. Zombies is back in play.

And what happens after dinner? Plants versus Zombies time. Just like clock work. Didn’t even miss a beat.  Guess I won’t exist for that hour.






2 thoughts on “The Gaming Blues”

  1. That is hilarious! Maybe you could have held off a day or two on buying the new controller lol. but I would have done the same thing :/


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