Taylor the Tiny Terror

Let me first start by saying my mom was right.
Mom, you were right. You told me so.


My Mom told me that I would have a kid that would surpass my other two in terms of behavior and activeness and attitude. Vanessa & Carter were a breeze as babies and toddlers compared to Taylor. They didn’t get in to everything or cause destruction in their path. They were more mellow. Like their mom.

Then my mom had to go and put that in the universe. She cursed us.

When she warned me of this I told her that wouldn’t happen because I’m pretty sure I’m done. After Carter’s diagnosis of Autism we decided to hold off on having anymore darling little children. But after Carter started to mature more and became easier to communicate with we decided we would have another one. Eventually. However, she came sooner than we planned.

Already trouble.
She constantly moved and squirmed in the womb. The girl didn’t stop. She would kick the crap outta me, elbow me, and I’m pretty sure I got punched.

Well, out she came, continuing her spree of madness. The cutest little baby with a head full of hair and an appetite full of destruction….destruction of my sleep and sanity. Every 2 hours up and looking for a boob. 
By the time she hit 1 she was already in the terrible twos stage. In many ways.

Always whining to get what she wanted. Totally fake crying. Like she makes a cry face to try to get herself to cry.  She includes all the theatrics…..falling back-even doing it carefully if she’s on a harder surface, putting her hand over her face always peeking to see if you’re buying it, and the kicking of the legs. She definitely knows how to be dramatic. I don’t know where she gets it from.

Getting her cry face ready


I just can't deal

She also has a knack for getting into things she shouldn’t be getting in. Of course the word no doesn’t seem to bother her. No matter how sternly it’s said. She even laughs from time to time.
We put the outlet covers on all the outlets and this girl figured out how to pop them off.  She wants to climb on top of the brick fireplace, climb into the bathtub and climb the stairs. She’s adventurous to say the least. She digs in the cabinets of course taking everything out. The locks are on and she’s been studying how to get those open. I’m certain she’ll figure it out. She’s very observant. Anytime I try to do something she either wants me to hold her or she goes to find something to get into. Even this morning when I went to get clothes from the dryer she pulled out all the wipes from the container. As I was stuffing them all back in she went and took clothes from the laundry basket, scattering them throughout the house. She keeps me busy.


She also has a habit of throwing things into places they don’t belong. Very important things. She throws things in the tub of running water. Like a shoe, a sock, a neck pillow, the playstation game controller, and almost my phone. She also uses the trash can to get rid of things. Things that we search everywhere for and end up finding when we take the trash out. Like the PlayStation remote. Or a sippy cup. Or a toy. Or my keys.

This terror also goes around hitting people. With her fists and with objects like a wooden spoon. Carter gets the most and she’s lucky he doesn’t knock her out! There was that one time when he tried to pick her up off the floor by her little ponytail. The look on her face was priceless. 😮 Like wait, what’s happening?! She fussed and ran away from Carter. Anytime her hands come up I flinch. Just waiting to get popped. I just don’t know why she doesn’t listen to the word no. And we don’t go around hitting each other so I don’t know why she still does it.


Her terrible twos stage will probably last a very long time.  I don’t think she’s going to mellow out any time soon.

So, thanks mom. Thanks for that. Now come pick this girl up for the weekend!

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