Motherhood, vacations

The mini vacay….take it all in

With all the commotion and chaos in our everyday life, we decided to stop for a few days and take a mini vacay. Nothing major.  No big activities.  No itinerary.  Just some good ole relaxing. The way a vacation should be.  It was still tiring of course and there were some things that just didn’t go accordingly (the lack of a dvd player, for example).  But, we finally just chilled.  There was some fishing, relaxing on the beach, TV watching, resting, and some fun with puzzles.

With life just constantly passing by and quickly stealing the youth of my kids (and myself), it’s always nice to just stop and to really take it all in.  I try to make everything still.  To put everything else on pause and marvel in the beauty, innocence, excitement and adventure of my kids.  To look at their features and think about how much they’ve grown and how fast it’s going.  To watch them watch everything around them.  I love to look at their eyes and really take in their excitement.  To see what makes them happy.  And of course, seeing them happy makes me happy.


One day my kids will be doing their own thing.  They won’t be with me.  They won’t be all over me or creating a mess or getting into some kind of shenanigans or asking for my help. And even though those things get difficult to deal with on a daily basis when we’re all so busy, I know that I will miss it when it’s gone. Call me crazy, but I enjoy the madness. You know, most of the time.

Since I don’t really have much time to constantly stop and smell the roses during our regular day to day life, it was really nice to do it for a few days in peace. To really be in the moment even for a moment. When I get older I want to close my eyes and see these moments.  I want to remember them just as they were.  How they look, how they feel, how they smell, how they sound.

We all need a vacation where we don’t really do much.  Where we won’t need a vacation from the vacation.  A vacation where we can really sit back, relax, and take it all in.

I’m grateful that we were able to do that.

Now it’s back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans!


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