before my last appointment!

For all my people (all 10 of you who read my blog :D) out there who are wondering if my dress shopping was a success or not……
I said Yes!
I said yes to the dress!

It was quite an interesting process, I must say. For someone who didn’t really care much about what dress she walked down the aisle in, it sure did cause a little stress, anxiety and dare I say….excitement! My decision seemed to be the opposite of what I originally thought I was going for. I didn’t want to just look like myself. I decided that I wanted to look like my “wow” self.
I mean, after people trying for several years to get us down the aisle, why waste the moment looking like I normally do?


I decided that I’m going to seize the moment.
I’m going to make this my day.
I mean, it is my day, right?

I was in this store for about 2 hours trying on dresses that I felt I wasn’t really loving the way I loved the dress I had in mind. At the last minute, my cousin and I went back and pulled a few more dresses. When I tried on “the one”, I still had 2 more dresses left but I knew I didn’t need to try them on. I had 3 to choose from.
The first one was very me. Too me.
The second one was less “me”but still had a me factor. There were a couple of things I was also thinking about changing.
The third dress had me asking….”is this too much?” I didn’t necessarily mean in price. It wasn’t exactly what I was going for and it wasn’t exactly me, which was exactly the reason I ended up choosing it.

During my hunt for “the” dress, ending up with 3 favorites was apparently a good problem to have. There was something I loved about each one, but the one I ended up with just made me feel a certain way and there were a lot of positives in getting it.
1. It made me look “wow” (though one of the other dresses made me look like I could just stop going to the gym)
2. It was far less expensive than the dress I was previously going to get.
3. I was able to take the dress home as it was (no rush fees, no shipping)
4. The only alterations I’ll probably need is hemming the length (and perhaps if I lose weight I’ll need to take it in).
5. My wonderful Nanny also purchased a lovely “something new” piece for my dress that takes it up a notch. (thanks again Nanny 😙).
With all these positives, how could I not get it? Now, I’ll definitely miss the one that I originally wanted. It did such fabulous things to my body. I just have a hard time spending that much money. Im pretty frugal for the most part. I still feel a bit guilty about the dress I did purchase. It was less than half the price, though so it kinda helps to soften the blow.

So, there ya have it. I finally said yes!
Now I have to think about where else I can wear this dress. Perhaps while writing, in the car for a coffee run, maybe while washing the car. The possibilities are endless. Gotta get my money’s worth!

the many styles of Jamie

Next stop…..gear for the bridesmaids, the flower girl and ring boy. 💕