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Savoring the MOMents

Breastfeeding has really taught me to stop and enjoy every little moment. Usually even when I'm doing one thing, I'm trying to do something else too.  My mind is all over the place. But when I breastfeed, I'm still and quiet (most of the time).  I have to actually stop what I'm doing and feed… Continue reading Savoring the MOMents

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Ignorance is not always Bliss

During my experience as an Autism mom, I've seen a lot.  I've seen compassion, understanding, annoyance, confusion, aggravation, anger, pity, and everything in between.  Not only have I witnessed those feelings from other people, but I've also felt them myself, so I know where they are coming from.  Carter isn't always the easiest person to be around all… Continue reading Ignorance is not always Bliss

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The Non Cake Tasting

During my late wedding planning I realized that I need a cake.  Whoops.  I also realized that I specifically said that I would agree to have this wedding if I didn't have to do any work.  All I wanted to do was show up.  Now, here I am trying to figure out what kind of… Continue reading The Non Cake Tasting

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….Continued….The Journey to Wedding 2

For Quang and I, challenges came often.  Being part of a team has helped us grow closer and stronger over the past 14 years we've been together.  The start of our relationship brought quite a few of our first challenges.  Me bringing a child into the relationship and not being Vietnamese were two big ones.… Continue reading ….Continued….The Journey to Wedding 2

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The Non Proposal

During all this wedding planning and the things to do lists, I can't help but to think back to the first wedding planning I did.  That's right.  I've done this before. Quang and I were never really into the idea of having a wedding.  Or even getting married.  In all honesty, we have basically been… Continue reading The Non Proposal


You are What you Eat

I wasn't always big on eating healthy foods to do your body and life good, but in the past couple of years, I've done a lot of growing (thankfully not in the wrong way) and I've learned a lot of new things.  Not that these things were really new, but they were definitely new to me.… Continue reading You are What you Eat

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It’s Just Another Manic Monday…. Except It’s Thursday

Today definitely started off like a Monday.  It definitely feels like it's Monday. You know, when you're still recuperating from being off on the weekend and you're not ready to go back to work.  When things go slower than they usually go.  When people are slower than they usually are.  When kids happen to be… Continue reading It’s Just Another Manic Monday…. Except It’s Thursday

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Carter the Late Bloomer

Every year in class I read a book called Leo the Late Bloomer.  Even though I am well aware of how the story goes at this point, every time I read it I get a bit sentimental. Even thinking about it right now has my eyes watering.  I know, I know.... It's like I'm always… Continue reading Carter the Late Bloomer

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Food Fight!

Anyone who knows me personally or who follows me on social media probably knows that I enjoy cooking.  That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm great at it, but there's something I love about creating something, anything in the kitchen. I don't enjoy creating a mess and cleaning it, but I guess it comes with the… Continue reading Food Fight!

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My Partner in Crime

As I sit in front of my unforgiving mirror, applying layers upon layers of concealer in my desperate attempt to cover my dark undereye circles, I think about how exhausted I am.  It definitely shows.  I can definitely feel it.  I'm constantly trying to cover it up.  I guess we get used to always covering… Continue reading My Partner in Crime