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The Comeback Kid

Well, here I am, rounding out the last leg of this journey I began last summer.   Back when I made the decision to press pause on my career to really focus on Carter and his health, I didn't know what the future would hold.  I didn't know what was in store for us.  We just… Continue reading The Comeback Kid

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Oh so Sappy!

With my leave of absence being approved by the school board, I'm able to focus on Carter so much more than ever before.  I have the time, energy, and clarity to do anything and everything I can for him.  Since August, I have dedicated myself to his progress and spent countless hours cooking, experimenting, reading,… Continue reading Oh so Sappy!

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The Hiatus

Well, hello there! I know, it's definitely been a while.  Apologies to my thousands of fans (insert laugh here) who patiently waited for me to get off my lazy butt and entertain them with a new blog post.  Truth is.... I'm exhausted.  I've been exhausted for about...... well, as long as I can remember. When… Continue reading The Hiatus

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Carter the Late Bloomer

Every year in class I read a book called Leo the Late Bloomer.  Even though I am well aware of how the story goes at this point, every time I read it I get a bit sentimental. Even thinking about it right now has my eyes watering.  I know, I know.... It's like I'm always… Continue reading Carter the Late Bloomer

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Happy Birthday Carter!

Today is Carter's birthday! I've been talking to him about his birthday for a while now, telling him that he was going to be 7 years old.  Last week his grandparents took us all out to eat to celebrate Carter's birthday and then we had cake after.  Ever since then he'd smile when I would… Continue reading Happy Birthday Carter!

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Please say yes to a dress

Appointments complete! For today at least.  And what a day it was. Dress shopping was pretty stressful and tiring.  Dress after dress.  Detail after detail.  So many options.  No wonder I put it off for so long.  There were so many nice dresses and I can see how easy it can be to get swept… Continue reading Please say yes to a dress

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Carter’s Oh, Sh*t Moment

Ok, so I'm not really one to condone the cussing of children, but being that Carter is new to verbal language, I couldn't help but to be somewhat proud of his recent discovery of his voice. Lately Carter has been much more verbal. He is finally finding his voice and is genuinely attempting to say almost… Continue reading Carter’s Oh, Sh*t Moment

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Growing Pains….& Gains

I used to blog everyday at one point during what I call "the height" of Carter's Autism. During the time of the potty training woes, the shoe debacle, and the meltdowns heard round the world (his and mine).  We'll never forget the number twos that had to be cleaned (in lots of different places) and the… Continue reading Growing Pains….& Gains