About Me

Who am I?

Hhmmm…good question. The biggest part of who I am: Mother of 3 very busy kids – Vanessa, 15, Carter, 7 and Taylor, 1. Vanessa is incredibly smart and creative. She’s in the gifted and talented program and she attends an advanced studies school. Carter is loveable and energetic. He’s autistic and quite a handful. Taylor is the adventurous troublemaker. She’s spunky, sassy, and always moving. Then there’s the one I like to call my fourth kid. My teammate, my partner in crime, my other half – Quang. The one who keeps me on my toes the most.

I love writing and reading. I also love watching trashy reality TV. It’s my weakness. I enjoy cooking, but not the cleaning. I like to call myself an amateur chef and I’m quickly informed that I’m not really a chef. But I still like to think I am. I like to research anything and everything (both useless and useful) and keep myself educated.

I’ve recently developed a new outlook on life. I would say the old me was a stressed, paranoid, worried, over-analyzer who had tendencies to be completely annoying with all the negative energy I had. The new me, however, is the total opposite. Okay, maybe not a total opposite, as I still worry and I’m always analyzing things. But I must say that I’ve discovered the joy of being happy and (mostly) stress free. It feels good to let go of the negativity and just live. It feels good to enjoy my family and spend time with them without being worried about other things.

After our big move in 2013 from New Orleans to Dallas we became even stronger as a family. We went through a really rough time during our stint in Texas. It wasn’t long before I realized what we had to do. Move back home. It was an expensive lesson to say the least, but it definitely turned our lives around for the better. I say that we spent so much time trying to have it all that we didn’t realize we already did.

Now we are on to bigger and better things. We appreciate life more. The simple things.

I started this blog as sort of an outlet for my writing – for the first book I wrote a few years ago called M is for Mom, Not Maid. The blog was a way for me to tell some of the stories that I put in the book. It was mostly funny, but the blog became a lot about Carter’s autism diagnosis and the struggles that came with it. That’s a huge part of our lives, but I don’t want to focus on the sad things or our short comings all the time. I want to share the good times too. I want to create more of a balance. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And the crazy and the hilarious and the questionable and the weird. Pretty much everything.

I’m working on the new M is for Mom, Not Maid and it’s going to be filled with more shenanigans! Hopefully I can find the time to finish it. Every time I try to write something comes up or I’m just too exhausted. Story of my life!

Hope you all enjoy!